Tuesday, September 9, 2008

True Elevator Story No. 3

Bill's E-mails
Internet usage exploded during the presidency of US President Bill Clinton. His political partner, Vice President Al Gore, was even unfairly ridiculed for allegedly claiming that the latter had invented the internet.

After President Clinton left the White House, the Clinton Presidential Foundation conducted an inventory of the e-mails which were sent by President Clinton himself throughout his eight years as US President. They needed it for the archive of the Clinton Presidential Library.

The staff assigned to conduct the e-mail inventory braced themselves for the task at hand. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed? President Clinton’s aide and cabinet members sent a total of 39,999,998 e-mails during his eight-year presidency. What more could you expect from the US president himself?

The staff started with President Clinton’s first e-mail. Well, it was just a test e-mail which was sent by President Clinton to check whether his e-mail is working properly.

That’s one.

Then they proceeded to President Clinton’s second e-mail. It was an e-mail to former Ohio Senator John Glenn who was in space during that time. The e-mail praised Senator Glenn for his return to space after 40 years.

That’s two.

Then the staff conducting the inventory of President Clinton’s e-mails stopped counting.

They were speechless upon discovering the volume of e-mails that President Clinton sent throughout the eight years that he was the president of the United States of America.

They had to stop after counting the first two e-mails that President Clinton had sent.

They simply could not proceed further.

Because there were no more e-mails to count.

Yes, President Bill Clinton sent a grand total of two e-mails throughout the entire eight years that he was president of the United States of America.

Yes, just those two.
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