Monday, September 8, 2008

True Elevator Story No. 2

Uncle Sam's Bucks
Much has been written about the color of money. Martin Scorsese and Paul Newman even made a film about it. But not too many people know much about the smell of money.

A recent study showed that most paper money, regardless of currency, contain traces of a harmful substance. This susbstance is so hazardous that most people would not want to have even the slightest contact with it. It damages one's nervous system and appetite which eventually leads to severe malnutrition.

Among European currencies, the Spanish notes were found to have the biggest concentration of this substance. German euros have traces of this substance which were five times lower than the Spanish currency.

Among all world currencies, the biggest concentration of this substance was found in US dollar bills which contain an average of 2.9 to 28.8 micrograms, depending on the age of the bill and the city where it was circulated. At one point, a 1996 dollar bill was found to have as much as 1,300 micrograms of this substance.

The presence of this substance in almost all world currencies is a clear manifestation of the extent to which this substance has wreaked irreversible damage to people who have been highly exposed to it. The destruction which this substance has caused among people transcends social and economic boundaries. This substance has spared no one, from the penniless outcast to the most flamboyant millionaire.

However, while most people cringe at the mere thought of having contact with this substance, some people would do everything to gain possession of even a miniscule amount of this highly expensive substance. Others would kill for it. And some would even die for it.

That’s why the results of this recent study which showed that US dollar bills have the most concentration of this substance would probably change the way you look at US dollar bills.

It would probably change the way you handle the US dollar bills in your pocket.

Because you know now that those US dollar bills in your pocket probably contain that dreaded substance.

Yes, the US dollar bills in your pocket are most likely to contain the substance known as cocaine.

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