Sunday, September 7, 2008

True Elevator Story No. 1

What's It All About, Alfred?

Brilliant filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was best known for his suspense-filled films. He was an excellent storyteller. Proof of Hitchcock's genius at telling a story was an incident shared by another noted film director, Peter Bognadovich.

The incident happened at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Bognadovich confessed that after downing some daiquiris, he became a bit tipsy and Hitchcock turned unusually cheerful. After calling it a night, the duo stepped into the hotel's elevator on the 25th floor.

They were both silent until they reached the 19th floor where three people who were dressed for a night out entered the elevator. Hitchcock suddenly turned to Bognadovich and said, ''Well, it was quite shocking, I must say. There was blood everywhere! There was a stream of blood coming from his ear and another from his mouth.''

As soon as the elevator door opened on another floor, two more people joined them while Hitchcock continued, ''Of course, there was a huge pool of blood on the floor. And his clothes were splattered with blood. Oh, it was a horrible mess. Well, you can imagine the--''

Everyone inside the elevator held his breath as Hitchcock continued, ''--blood all around! Well, I looked at the poor fellow and I asked, 'Good God, what happened to you?' The bloody fellow turned to me.''
And just as the elevator doors opened onto the lobby, Hitchcock continued, ''And do you know what the poor guy said to me?''. Hitchcock paused.

Expectedly, all the other elevator passengers were reluctant to step out as they eagerly await Hitchcok's next words.
While everyone else stared wide-eyed at Hitchcock, Bognadovich finally asked, ''So what did he say?''

Hitchcock smiled.
Then Hitchcock turned to Bognadovich and calmly said, ''Oh, nothing. That's just my elevator story.''

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